CNC Machine Operator III or IV

Job Description

1. Sets up and operates automated CNC Vertical & Horizontal Machines.
2. Must have proven skill set to set up and operate Vertical 3 axis and Horizontal 4 & 5 axis machines.
3. Must be able to demonstrate the ability to understand rotation of fixtures as applied to Horizontal Machine set up.
4. Must be versed in Rotary or Indexing capability as the application applies to the Horizontal and Vertical Machines.
5. Employee will need to understand the A, B and X, Y, Z axis on all machines.
6. Optimize process to achieve maximum efficiency.
7. Save updated programs.
8. Receive daily instructions from Shop Floor Supervisor.
9. Check parts to ensure they meet blueprint specifications using proper gauges.
10. Perform daily point checks on machine and report concerns to Shop Floor Supervisor.(Noted leaks, noises, functionality)
11. Use proper feed and speed for maximum efficiency.
12. Deburr as required for work in process.
13. Train new hires or apprentices as requested.
14. Follows all safety policies and procedures.
15. Meets departmental/company goals and objectives in a timely manner. (Such as; Efficiencies, Scrap control, Time motion and Setup time reductions.)
16. Arrives to work, meetings, appointments, and other work-related functions on time and as scheduled.
17. Interpretation of drawings, sketches, and/or working to set up sheets and verbal instructions.
18. Adapting shop practice, methods, and techniques to fit each new situation and properly sequencing machining operations.
19. Performing cutting, turning, drilling, boring, reaming, tapping, and finishing operations where tolerances range from 0.030 to 0.0003 inch. This includes setup of machine and fixtures for any of the various operations while working with such materials as steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, magnesium alloys, plastics, and exotic aerospace metals.

20. Use of scales, calipers, internal and external micrometers, height gauges, surface gauge, and dividers to determine that the part is being machined to the proper configuration.
21. Must have proficient math skills.

1. High School Diploma or GED. Or a four year apprenticeship program. ( ie. Tulsa Tech. ) Preferred but not required.
2. Must own tools supply for daily tasks (i.e. micrometers, indicators, edge finders, etc.)
3. Five years’ experience either in a production or job shop environment.
4. Must be able to read and interpret blueprints/engineering drawings and work order instructions.
5. Must be able to understand three, four and five axis machining.
6. Must be able to understand the picking up of a center line of a horizontal table.
7. Must have a working knowledge of computers.
8. Must be able to take verbal and written instructions.
9. Demonstrated knowledge of G-Code programming and Horizontal machine practices.
10. Demonstrated effective verbal, written, and communication skills.

Lift up to 100lbs, pushing, pulling, standing for long periods of time, manual dexterity, visual acuity.

Other Information:

This position requires the ability to establish and maintain positive and effective working relationships with co-workers.

This job description in no way states or implies that these are the only duties to be performed by this employee. He or she will be required to follow any other instructions and to perform any other duties requested by his or her supervisor.

The job description is not an employment contract. Precise Machining & Manufacturing is an employment-at-will company. Precise Machining & Manufacturing reserves the right to alter the job description at any time without notice.


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