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Position Description The Electrical/Controls Engineer performs engineering, instrumentation and control support functions for the plant operations and maintenance departments. The desired result is to maintain plant instrumentation and controls systems to achieve optimal efficiency, reliability, and availability. The Engineer frequently technically supervises and participates in troubleshooting, calibrating, and maintaining all electrical and instrumentation equipment that includes motors, motor controls, switch-gear, transmitters, UPS, controls systems, and PLC’s From time to time, the Engineer may direct and/or assist the maintenance technicians. The Electrical/Controls Engineer develops or modifies procedures in areas such as preventive and predictive maintenance, operations and testing of process control equipment and systems to ensure effective operability of the devices.
The Electrical/Controls Engineer performs these functions safely, reliably, efficiently, and in full compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, policies and procedures.

Job Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
Qualified Candidates must have knowledge and experience with the following:
• A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university in an electrical, electronics or computer science engineering discipline.
• A minimum of 5 years related experience in:
• Programmable logic controllers, data acquisition systems, and Windows-based computer systems and programs.
• Process control instrumentation and system configuration.
• Ability to train others and instill a team environment.
• A strong work ethic, high motivation, the ability to work with minimal guidance, and the desire to work and succeed in a rigorous and challenging business environment
• Ability to work effectively in a team environment; respect and leverage individual differences and provide open and candid communications; perform all duties in a civil, courteous and cooperative manner.
• Excellent writing and presentation skills; verbal skills that are persuasive; and the ability to promote business initiatives.
• Ability to plan, organize, schedule and direct varied programs and tasks involved within the engineering function.
• Maintain the highest standards of conduct and integrity in all dealings with or on behalf of Kodak Polychrome Graphics.
• Knowledge of industry codes and standards and jurisdictional requirements such as but not limited to the ASME, IEEE, NFPA, NEC and ANSI

Principle Duties and Responsibilities:
• Responsible for developing overall process control and data systems strategy, philosophy, direction and standards. Included in the philosophy are short and long range plans addressing the needs enveloping control and data system repairs, refurbishment and replacement. Maintaining a current knowledge of industry and company trends, equipment features, state of the art system capabilities and possible future trends will add to this philosophy.
• Provide overall design and project management for the installation of new equipment and the upgrade of existing equipment brought about by changes in operating practices or procedures. The design, installation and modification of process control and monitoring systems will follow standard safe practices and adhere to codes set forth by the IEEE, ISA, NFPA, and any other applicable agencies. Responsibilities include creating system design, preparation of appropriate drawings and specifications, installation management, system checkout, commissioning and craft personnel training. .
• Responsible to provide overall management of the Data Acquisition Systems. Data Acquisition provides a means of collecting and archiving data that can be used to generate logs or reports, alarms trends, and calculations that can be used to obtain plant performance. Management of the Data Acquisition Systems may include drawing preparation, installation management, software changes, creation of graphics, and establishment of data points.
• Responsible for coordinating external contact with engineering firms to discuss field changes, manufacturer sales representatives and service personnel and vendors to discuss new or modifications to existing equipment, resolve problems and exchange information.
Position Description Cont'd... • Implement alarm management techniques in such a manner as to provide reliable real time visual, audio, hard and / or soft copy alarm data to personnel. Historical alarm management will be provided within the plant’s distributed control systems. Alarm management techniques will include the review of alarm set points, alarm priorities and nuisance alarms, configuration of historical data log reports and support in identifying problem areas concerning system, process and equipment alarms.
• Provide graphic design to establish dynamic links between the operator and the processes that are being controlled and monitored throughout the plant. Responsibilities include updates, enhancements and create graphics as needed to provide plant personnel with the best possible representation of data used for process control and monitoring. Graphics will be user friendly, not overcrowded and have consistency. Plant personnel will be involved with overall graphical design and layout.
• Responsible for providing process control system tuning for the optimization of plant process control. Consistent and diligent tuning practices will increase control system functionality and effectiveness and improve plant efficiency. These tuning practices will be implemented on the Plant’s distributed control systems, programmable loop controllers, pneumatic controls and single loop controllers.
• Perform process and data system hardware maintenance required to prevent system and/ or hardware component failure, provide accurate data pertaining to plant process variables and to maintain a back-up database for current microprocessor control logic. Technical assistance would be provided to perform the required maintenance which would include scheduled calibration of distributed control system input / output cards, microprocessor calibrations and power supply calibrations. Engineering services would include database management, maintaining current database back-up files and archival back up of plant process data, report and trend logs.
• Establish instrument calibration standards so as to have instrumentation (transmitters, valves, etc.) be of a certain manufacture. As instrumentation changes are required, due to failure or historical performance, recommendations will be given while adhering to these standards.
• Provide process control system field input/output (I/O) device troubleshooting technical services and engineering expertise to support Maintenance Technicians work activities.
• Develop and deliver process control system technical training to plant personnel as new equipment and or controls are added or upgraded. The appropriate personnel will be given training on how to properly operate, control and troubleshoot any new equipment or controls that are upgraded or added. A training log will be maintained.
• As assigned, assures that outages involving scheduled repairs of instrument and control equipment are completed safely and on schedule, with absolutely minimal errors.
• Work requires performing tests, repairs and modifications while systems are on line, working as required after normal working hours and being on-call 24 hours per day to respond to emergency situations.
• Assists Manager with relevant input to the budgetary procedure.


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