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Research, design and maintain serial data bus interfaces to drive the avionics systems required for the operation of a full flight simulator or other training devices.

Design and support microprocessor based serial data interfaces to advanced avionics. This work involves active participation and troubleshooting of the flight simulator or flight training device.

Research aircraft and avionics manufacturers' data in preparation for AIC design, directly interface with various internal FlightSafety departments and external vendors, and site personnel.

Create and maintain hardware/software documentation and interface specifications.

Provide support during simulator test, hardware/software integration, discrepancy resolution, and simulator certifications. Provide on-site and remote support.


BSEE, BSEET and a minimum of two years experience at the associate engineer grade level or equivalent combination of education and experience. Experience in microprocessor/digital design, test, and avionics system design and test.

Office software, AutoCAD, ANSI C (must be proficient with data structures, arrays, and pointers), C++, UNIX/Linux, WIN32, Dev Studio, assembly language, real time operating systems, embedded systems.

AC and DC electronics, digital logic theory and implementation, computer system theory, programmable logic devices (PLDs), Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs), serial data protocols, microprocessor and microcontroller theory and implementation and circuit/system troubleshooting skills.

Avionics experience is preferred.


Exhibit and practice professional and courteous behavior while interacting with both internal and external customers.

Interact within a cooperative environment through beneficial behaviors, commitment to common goals, contribution to problem solving, communication of ideas and suggestions, an encouragement to other employees, and departments.

Accountable for the control and distribution of documents and/or equipment subject to export control restrictions and the security of FlightSafety materials, projects and business information regarding the methods and techniques used in the production and usage of FlightSafety products.

Accountable for the accuracy and completeness of assigned tasks.

Able to adhere to a work schedule including prompt and regular attendance.

Equal Opportunity Employer M/F/D/V


FlightSafety International

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