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Blue Belt Technologies was founded in 2003 to develop technologies for computer-assisted medical intervention. Blue Belt is currently designing a semi-active robotic device for orthopaedic applications.

As an Electrical Engineer, you will be involved in many aspects of the creation and support of devices for surgical use. This may include design, development and testing of hardware, firmware, and software; component specification and selection; system and subsystem integration; and verification and validation to demonstrate compliance with standards and satisfaction of requirements. The potential for field investigations, off-site testing, and customer support is within the scope of this position, and will necessitate occasional travel.


The ideal applicant will possess the following qualifications:
•A Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering, Robotics, or in a related field
•Three or more years of practical experience in circuit or system design, development, integration, or testing
•Excellent analytical and problem solving skills
•Excellent organization, documentation and written/verbal communication skills
•Competence with computers and productivity software
•Experience with an Electronics Design Package (schematic capture, PCB layout, simulation)
•Experience in developing product requirements and specifications
•Experience in verification and validation test generation and execution
•Demonstrated programming or scripting experience in languages such as C, C++, Perl, bash, Matlab
•Practical electronics tool and test equipment experience
•Excellent people skills
•Willingness for occasional travel

In addition, the applicant should have experience in one or more of the following:
•Robotics; sensor data fusion
•Motors, motor control: understanding of motor and position sensor design; development, programming and tuning real-time motion- and position-control systems
•Power subsystem design: conditioning, distribution
•Design and testing for design and testing EMC, EMI
•Design for biocompatibility and for sterilization
•Medical device design: familiarity with applicable standards and regulations
•Linux-based administration, driver or application development

The following experience would be regarded as advantageous in this position:
•Master’s Degree or equivalent
•Practical experience and hands-on skills:
•Circuit prototyping and debugging
•Firmware development and debugging
•Test fixture design
•Machining, shop skills
•Experience in electrical safety, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), or electromagnetic interference (EMI) design and validation
•Experience with Unix/Linux operating system, administration, or device driver development.


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