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EP Minerals (EPM) mines, processes and markets quality diatomite, perlite, and clay products. We are one of the top producers and distributors of diatomaceous earth and Bentonite clay worldwide. Our products are used as filter aids, absorbents, functional additives, and soil amendments. They are marketed to a wide array of applications including food & beverage, chemicals, catalyst, energy, paints, plastics, potable water, waste water, automotive, and many others. EPM’s business is global, and we ship direct to nearly 100 countries worldwide. Our substantial ore reserves, multiple manufacturing sites, rich new product pipeline and global distribution network position EPM for continuous growth well into the future. For more information, please visit our website at www.epminerals.com.

The Electrical and Instrumentation Technician is based at our Lovelock, NV site and is responsible for the following functions and activities.

Assembles, installs, inspects, maintains repairs, modifies, troubleshoots, and tests electrical and electronic systems and equipment. Equipment may include; motors, generators, motor control centers, switch gear, lighting circuits, A.C. and D.C. variable speed drives, solid state boards, electronic process control devices and electronic scales

Troubleshoot motor circuits, wire, fuses, solid state contactors, solid state overloads, electronic overloads, thermal couplers, P I D loops, understand process variables, voltage calculations, electrical blue prints etc..

Uses programmable logic controller(s) to isolate faulty electrical/electronic equipment
Upon completion of equipment repairs, checks work to insure proper operation.

Programming of all types of Allen Bradley programmable logics from SLC/500 to Logics 5000.
Responsible for the proper maintenance of electrical and electronic equipment.

Performs minor installations of new equipment and modifications to existing systems

Read and write ladder logic, electrical schematics and process flow diagrams.

Uses necessary test instruments, test equipment and tools such as; voltmeters, ampere meters, and other electrical analyzing equipment.

Prepares and maintains loss reports, charts and other paper work incidental to duties.

Keeps work areas, measuring instruments, tools, electric cart and accessories in a safe, clean and orderly condition at all times.

Performs operational and functional tests to determine equipment or instrument malfunctions. Fabricates reworks and installs necessary parts and accessories. Adjusts and calibrates equipment, instruments and other devices to specifications.

Determines types of parts and materials required and obtains same from warehouse supply area.

Uses CMMS to plan and record inspections, tests, calibrations, and repairs.

Is available to work any shift, and call outs during off hours and overtime

Work with all maintenance personnel; installing electrical circuits like pulling wire, installing conduit, wiring electrical panels, replacing/installing contactors, replacing/installing motors designing and troubleshooting of all electrical circuits.

Other requirements include, the ideal candidate will possess the following skills and abilities:
Three (3) – Five (5) years’ experience in industrial electrical/electronic maintenance.
Formal training or practical experience in repair and maintenance of electronic devices.
Understands ladder logic, electrical schematics and process flow diagrams.
Thorough knowledge of the electrical/electronic maintenance requirements and procedures for crushing, grinding, conveying, and related machinery.
Knowledge of applicable electrical codes, occupational hazards and necessary safety precautions typically involved in the profession.
Thorough knowledge of personal computers and data entry as well as programmable logic controllers.
Ability to communicate clearly and concisely in written and verbal form. Ability to work effectively with supervisors and other personnel.
Ability to read, understand and use blueprints, wiring diagrams, sketches, schematics, manufacturer's instructions as well as comprehend verbal instructions.
Ability to access all areas of the plant and perform repairs and maintenance as required to ensure peak performance of the equipment


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