Electrical Manufacturing Engineer

Job Description
The Electrical Manufacturing Engineer will develop solutions for complex repair operations and related test fixtures, write test procedures, and assist with the manufacture of final repaired customer products.


•Working with colleagues to design new test systems, circuits and devices
•Testing theoretical designs
•Writing manufacturing procedures, specifications and technical reports
•Systematically improving the detailed design of specified electronic equipment
•Ensuring that a product will work with devices developed by others, can be made again reliably, and will perform consistently in specified operating environments
•Creating user-friendly interfaces
•Attending internal and external meetings with customers and co-workers
•Keeping up-to-date with developments in technologies and regulations


Required Job Skills and Experience:
•Bachelors degree, preferably in Electrical Engineering
•Demonstrable design experience with MicroProcessor, DSP, and FPGA programming and structure, and USB, RS232 and RS422 interfaces
•Computer literacy in MS Office applications
•Some travel required
•CAD, Embedded Controller, and proven 5 - 10 years reverse engineering and Labview programming experience all a plus


Phillips Service Industries, Inc

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