Embedded Systems Engineer

Job Description
Rhino's embedded system engineer will design and implement a single-axis motion controller for our best selling line of Rhino Sliders. We will be implementing a blend of open-source code based on the Arduino Environment. For debugging purposes, the code might be ported/rewritten to a non-Ardunino environment. The motion controller will implement a BLE module for real-time communication to iOS and Android devices.

-Specific Tasks
-Designing custom PCBs
-Selecting components (MCUs, BLE modules, memory, stepper drivers, etc)
-Programing using current and new code
-Debugging circuits and software
-Sourcing components

Desired Skills/Experience

-Strong knowledge of embedded systems design
-Experience in BLE implementation with iOS devices
-Experience in iOS back-end app development
-Understanding of microcontroller architecture
-Understanding of Firmware architecture
-Strong programming skills
-ARM Cortex-M3 experience preffered
-Emphasis on real-time motion control systems implementation
-Experience in modifying and implementing open-source code
-SPI experience
-Circuit design and PCB layout for mixed power/signal applications
-Application/GUI programming
-3-5 years of industry experience (preferred)
-Excellent communication skills, verbally and written
-Experience in working in a fast paced, strict-deadline based environment


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