Equipment Service Engineer

Job Description
Equipment Service Engineer The responsibility of this position is to assure the Company has the most operational manufacturing equipment, to realize the Company vision of solving customers' application needs. The candidate is expected to compliment, repair and analyze Omega Optical Manufacturing systems. The applicant will master the science and art of optical thin-films as practiced at Omega Optical. It is anticipated that the person in this position possesses knowledge of Physical Vapor Deposition, plasma assisted reactive magnetron sputtering coating technology equipment, sputtering machines, spectroscopic instrumentation, as well as many support systems. This position will troubleshoot and repair all high-tech machines.

Initial Expectations:
•Apply previous technical troubleshooting and repair knowledge and experiences to our niche of optical thin films and associated machinery.
•Collect and analyze technical data as needed.
•Analyze and repair all instrumentation and machinery in accordance with Omega Optical requirements and standards.
•Report all quality control, technical problems, troubleshooting and repair details to Manager.
•Provide support and guidance to machine operators when necessary.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
•Interface with Omega machine operators and engineers in the coordination, planning, implementation, and challenge resolution of malfunctioning Omega technical equipment and machines.
•Perform acceptance testing to demonstrate operational performance consistent with machine specifications.
•Demonstrate system functionality when repair is complete.
•Perform preventative maintenance on machines in coordination with Facilites Director.
•Perform update of existing machines to resolve systemic product issues and ensure optimal system functionality.
•Perform upgrades of existing machines to enhance system capabilities and provide additional features.
•Occasionally interface with product providers to facilitate a seamless, single solution to machine malfunctions.
•Document issues and resolution procedures.
•Perform other duties as assigned.


Omega Optical, Inc

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