Maintenance Technician

Job Description
U210A 3rd Shift
Reports To: Maintenance Supervisor
Work Location: Erlanger, KY
Department: Hourly Production

The maintenance technician is responsible for all general maintenance related to operations machinery, building operation, equipment and systems. After work is assigned, duties are performed independently with only occasional supervision.

Essential Functions and Responsibilities:
1.Perform maintenance activities with a general knowledge of hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical operation of systems and machinery.
2.Perform preventive maintenance, inspections, and repairs of utility related equipment, fire protection, power distribution systems, hydraulic systems, compressed air and vacuum systems as well as critical material handling systems.
3.Perform a variety of general maintenance functions in accordance with blueprints, layouts, schematics of circuits and controls, and written or verbal instructions.
4.Perform machine maintenance and repairs on bearings, sprockets, roller chains, gears and machine instrumentation.
5.Determine materials necessary to complete a work order and submit parts requisition for parts required
6.Support the installation of new equipment including electric, water, and air handling equipment.
7.Ability to repair and assist with special building projects that require general skills and knowledge of carpentry, electrical, heating/cooling and ventilation.
8.Perform welding tasks related to the repair and installation of equipment, machinery and building systems. Weld, braze and solder copper, brass, aluminum, silver, and other materials with skillful use of welding rods and soldering guns. May fabricate metal parts, frames, stands, and brackets, working from blueprints, diagrams, written and verbal instructions. Design and build necessary jigs and fixtures; measure, bend, and cut materials using power cutoff saws, gas torches, metal cutters, and benders.
9.Perform all activities in a safe and orderly fashion, complying with company safety practices and established work processes.
10.Monitor activity of machine adjusters and operators to ensure safe operation.
11.In electrical assignments, may install, modify, test or repair electrical wiring, transformer and control circuits using electrical test equipment and tools.
12.In plumbing assignments, may install, modify, test or repair gas lines, water pipes, drains and fittings for machines or equipment.
13.Work independently with minimal instructions from management, but keeping management informed of work activity, status and results.
14.Use the maintenance computer system to identify work orders and to update the status and completion of the project in a timely manner.
15.Use judgment in the execution of activities, requesting assistance or instruction to maximize efficiency and minimize project timing.
16.Return all work areas to a clean, neat, orderly and safe condition.
17.Other duties as assigned by Supervisor or Lead

Job Requirements

•Minimum 3 to 5 years of well-rounded maintenance experience
•Completion of a related vocation training program or certification preferred
•High School diploma or equivalent work experience

•General knowledge of electronic systems, PLC’s, mechanical and building construction trades
•Demonstrated mechanical ability and aptitude
•Some PLC programming experience preferred
•Ability to use a computerized work order system
•Time management and problem solving ability
•High attention to detail and judgment based on written procedures and guidelines
•Ability to work well with others and cooperate with team members and leadership team
•Good English communication skills, both written and verbal

Physical Requirements & Work Environment:
•Sitting at workstation approximately 10% of work time, standing and walking approximately 90%
•Lift / push / pull up to 75 pounds
•Ability to twist, reach, and bend
•Requires ability to reach, grasp, and manipulate objects
•Ability to operate various machine and hand tools
•Involves moderate risks or discomforts and special safety precautions, e.g., working around moving parts, pallets, trucks and machines.
•Ability to wear provided PPE including hearing protection and steel toed shoes.
•Work can be required in extreme hot and cold environments


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