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We are looking for someone to help create the future of augmented reality
technology. Our ideal candidate feels comfortable with challenging, cutting-edge
products and is passionate about finding unique, elegant solutions to difficult
problems. This position will entail working on revolutionary new products in the
field of augmented reality/4D. The engineer will be in charge of optical engineering,
including defining requirements and modeling and testing designs.

Planning and Analysis The Optics Engineer will plan and model optics
projects to achieve an optimal user experience. This task requires the ability
to coordinate with embedded systems engineers and software engineers to
achieve a product satisfying all operational parameters.
Design and Delivery Based on plans, the Optics Engineer will prototype and
test solutions for optics. The engineer will home in on one design after
choosing a viable prototype and first create a polished design and then later,
work with process engineers to adapt the design to mass production. In
each step, testing protocols for consistency and quality will be implemented.
Evaluation and Follow-Up The optics engineer will work with hardware
engineers and vision scientists to create proper evaluation criteria for the
optics setup. This will involve objective metrics for the optics as well as more
subjective measurements of image quality in concordance with human vision
biological factors.
Maintaining Technical Knowledge The successful candidate will keep
current on our commonly used systems through courses, reading, and
hands-on application practice.

Minimum 5 years experience as an optics professional with appropriate laboratory
Experience with product design and development
Ability to design optical elements for illumination and imaging
Knowledge of optical materials
Optical/photonics testing experience
Understanding of DLP devices
Basic electrical engineering experience
Basic programming experience
Experience building and testing prototypes
Tolerance analysis regarding assembly and alignment
Able to create testing apparati for performing optical experiments such as material
Strong work ethic especially toward creating highly polished product

Used to fast product cycles
Familiarity with calculating Lambertian reflectance map for a real-world object
Ability to create seamless large images from multiple illuminated image sources
Strong Optics knowledge with experience in modeling using software such as Zemax,
CodeV, or their equivalents
Strong knowledge of optical materials and ability to adjust models to suit new materials
Familiar with ophthalmic and human vision factors related to optics such as contrast for
indoors vs. outdoors
Understands requirements of imaging on non-standard geometries and curvilinear surfaces

Masters or Ph.D. in Optics or Optics-related field
Bachelors degree holders will be considered with commensurate experience



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