Optical Engineer

Job Description
Utopia Compression is looking for an optical engineer to contribute to our projects on design and fabrication of a panoramic camera system. The successful candidate will be involved in the conceptual design layout, optimization, tolerance analysis, implementation, and testing of optical subassemblies as well as system integration. He/she will perform the design and prototyping of the camera system using both off-the-shell and custom components and verify system performance in the lab and on tool.

•PhD/MS in Optical Engineering, Physics or a relevant field
•Knowledge of optical imaging camera systems
•Proficiency with optical design tools such as ZEMAX
•Knowledge of optics fabrication and testing methods
•Familiarity with optical mounting, optical alignment and opto-mechanical assembly
Plus :
•Knowledge in imaging sensors and camera electronics and communication
•Programming skill (C,C++)
•Experience with image processing and computer vision


UtopiaCompression Corporation

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