Optical Engineer -- LED Lighting and Illumination

Job Description
As a key part of Fraen’s product development team, you will use your skills and knowledge in illumination design to create new and innovative optical solutions and systems. Fraen seeks to continue its tradition of providing the solid state lighting market with cutting edge optical designs, and leading the lighting market in new directions.

Key Responsibilities
• Perform optical design, simulation, and analysis of indoor and outdoor lighting systems
• Create new optical products and solutions that do not yet exist in the market
• Collaborate in cross-functional teams with other technical disciplines (marketing/product management and operations)
• Collaborate with the technical teams at our fixture-making customers to design new products and to fulfill their current optical needs
• Review design proposals and provide feedback based on technical, corporate and customer requirements
• Assist in photometric testing activities, including working with our on-site quality and manufacturing teams
• Keep informed of the latest technologies and advancements in the field, and determine how those advancements can be used in our products and industry

Qualifications & Skills Required
• Minimum 4 years of experience in designing optics for illumination systems.
• Minimum 4 years of illumination design experience with software such as Synopsys, TracePro, LightTools, Fred, or ASAP

• Experience with computer-aided mechanical design and simulation similar to one of the following software such as SolidWorks, SolidEdge, Pro/Engineer or AutoCAD Inventor

• Must have successfully developed products from concept, through design and manufacturing release

• Product design experience in LED optics or automotive lighting is strongly preferred

• Strong organizational skills and ability to manage multiple tasks

• Must be results-oriented, with a sense of initiative and autonomy

• Should have a capacity for innovation and creativity

• Demonstrated ability to work with cross-functional teams

• Willingness to travel on occasion to customers, trade shows, and Fraen’s R & D facility in Milan, Italy

About Fraen Corporation

Fraen Corporation is a well-established, diversified manufacturing company, which pioneered solid state lighting optical design over a decade ago. Fraen Optics has long been focused on providing complex, high-value optical design for specialized applications, such as entertainment and architectural lighting, along with medical applications. Fraen Optics performs research and development functions at our facilities in Milan, Italy and Reading, Massachusetts, and manufactures the large majority of our products at our Reading facility.

Fraen Optics set the standard for LED lighting optics soon after we launched in 2002. Fraen dominated TIR lens market for LED lighting for a number of years, until competition sprouted up around us. As the basic technology for LED optics matured and became commoditized in recent years, we have channeled the resources of Fraen Optics into what we do best – solving seemingly impossible lighting problems for our customers. We also seek to selectively release new products which provide market-disrupting performance.

This intersection between exacting customer requirements and our innovative problem-solving is where Fraen Optics thrives. Customers often turn to us to solve problems other optics and lighting companies cannot. It is the most challenging work that we find most rewarding. From lighting the most famous painting in the world to providing the majority of high-performance optics to the entertainment lighting industry, our work is on display around the world. Although our customers include some of the world’s largest lighting companies, we do not seek to be the largest optics company, but simply the best.


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