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NeoPhotonics is a leading provider of photonic integrated circuit-based modules, components and subsystems for use in optical communications networks. Our products, and those produced by our customers, are used by telecommunications and cable service providers to deploy advanced networks for video, voice and other data services at high data transmission rates and low costs. Our photonic integrated circuits (PICs) combine hundreds of photonic devices on one silicon substrate, thereby dramatically reducing cost and size and increasing reliability and power efficiency. We design and manufacture PICs using our planar lightwave technology and our micro-electrical-mechanical device (MEMS) technology, along with our nanoscale design, materials, fabrication and metrology. The NeoPhotonics™ PIC technology is a key enabler for meeting today’s optical communications market demands. Just as electronic integrated circuits displaced discrete electronic devices, dramatically reducing costs while increasing reliability, thus enabling the electronics revolution of recent decades, an analogous advance in photonics is gathering momentum using photonic integrated circuits. This photonics technology transformation similarly allows dramatic increases in functionality within component-level products.

•Evaluates architectures for high speed (10Gbps and 25Gbps) products catering to telecom and datacom markets

•Plans, designs and develops optical packages, components, integrates and optimizes lasers and detectors with ICs

•Modeling of laser–driver/PD-TIA using ADS and signal integrity of data path using HFSS/Momentum/EMPRO

•Performs EVT/DVT and corner tests to validate product designs

•Test complex products with minimum assistance and supervision, must be capable of writing test scripts for automated data collection and analysis


•Graduate degree in EE with specialization in RF/microwave/optical engineering, Candidates with 3+ years experience in the industry preferred, Fresh PhD candidates in opto/microwave engineering will also be considered

•HW designer (Electronics engineer) with strong RF/EM background will also be considered

•Expertise in RF/microwave modeling using ADS, signal integrity modeling using HFSS and Momentum/EMPRO

•Programming skills in Visual Basic, C, Matlab etc. at an expert level

•Understand HW/FW design, Consult PCB schematic for board bring up, trouble shooting and debug

•Expertise in mechanical design software such as AutoCAD or Solidworks to design high speed opto packages, ceramic sub-mounts, test boards etc. is a bonus


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