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Job Description
Job Description
It’s what the world’s been waiting for.

That’s the response we get from our technology. Imagine what it would be like to have real physical buttons morph and grow out of the surface of the screen the next time you are typing an email, playing a game, or scrolling a webpage on your tablet or smartphone. And then, when you are done, the buttons disappear back into the screen, leaving a perfectly flat, perfectly clear surface. That is what Tactus does and you can be a part of it. If you are looking to join a company that is reshaping the way people interact with devices and experience the world, then we want to meet you.

Job Description

We’re looking for someone who has extensive experience working with wide variety of polymer materials, fluids and developing a variety of processes. The ideal candidate will be familiar with (inkjet) printing, masking, etching and removal technologies, lamination, plastics and polymers, and comfortable with mechanics. Someone who enjoys materials selection, process development, such as designing experiments, studying data, modifying equipment, optimizing processes all towards making a product not only work, but making it as efficient and robust as possible. If you have the knowledge to get it done, the passion to persevere and the drive to make it happen – well then, this is the job for you. And you’ll be glad you joined us, because if you succeed, you’ll help put one of the coolest technologies literally in the palm of everyone’s hand.

•Participate in complicated & innovative product development projects focused on the development of liquid and extrudable polymer formulations, extrusion and liquid coating of optical films, film design and properties optimization.
•Identify, test, and rank characteristics of new materials and fluids for next generation panels.
•Industrialization of new extrusion-based products and process that meet customer technical requirements.
•Propose, review and prove produce level material specifications and incoming material specifications.
•Manage priorities, hit timelines & technical targets, develop strong working relationships, and communicate effectively.
•Analyze results and provide written and oral reports on their work.
•Utilize sound technical knowledge of chemistry, chemical processing, optical films and coating materials to develop innovative new products, improve product performance, reduce costs, and maximize production efficiency.
•Work closely with process development team to modify or develop new printing, lamination, filling, automation and other manufacturing processes and/or procedures.
•Work on new and future manufacturing processes.
•Evaluate, develop, and execute projects, including project planning, feasibility studies, design, cost estimation preparation of appropriation requests, and review of vendor bids and specifications.
•Develop proactive approach to problem solving through early identification and understand of problem areas.
•Stay informed concerning new materials technology and investigate their potential applications.

•5+ years of experience
•Bachelor's degree in Chemical Engineering or Materials Science disciplines preferred.
•This position requires skills associated with a Ph.D. in polymer chemistry, synthetic chemistry, organic chemistry and preferably have experience in polymer coatings and formulation chemistry.
•Experience with plant floor printing, lamination, and optical film inspection
•Knowledge in DOE and validation techniques
•Excellent analytical and problem solving skills; SPC, DOE, etc
•Good communication, interpersonal, project management, and technical skills.
•Capable of planning, executing and delivering results on time
•A documented knowledge of the equipment, materials, structures, and processes used in thin films and sheet preparation and assembly.
•A proven track record of innovation and successful commercial implementation is a plus.
•Nice to have / a big plus: •Touch screen-related or display-related assembly experience
•Knowledge of web handling, substrates, inks, and adhesives
•Knowledge of barrier and surface properties of plastics and polymers


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