Primary Mirror-M1-Systems Lead

Job Description
Job Summary: Fabrication of the GMT primary mirror segments is currently underway, with one primary mirror (M1) segment completed, the second and third segments in fabrication, and material procurement in process for the fourth (of eight segments including one spare). The M1 System Lead will manage the development of the GMT primary mirror systems, including management and monitoring of contracts for M1 fabrication and testing at the UA Steward Observatory Mirror Lab (SOML), initial integration and testing of M1 segments, cells, supports, and thermal control systems, and final assembly, integration, test (AIT), and commissioning of the M1 systems at the observatory. The M1 System Lead operates within the telescope group, and reports directly to the Opto-mechanical Systems Lead. The M1 System Lead position will require a combination of engineering expertise (in optics, opto-mechanics, mechanics, and mirror control systems) and management ability. The M1 Systems Lead will work with the GMT Systems Engineering group to develop and manage requirements, interfaces, and M1 system performance budgets. He/she will also be responsible for test plans, verification and validation, safety, and quality assurance for the M1 systems from the production phase through the final commissioning process at LCO. The M1 Systems Lead will work with the Opto-mechanical Systems Lead, the Telescope Group Lead and Project Manager to manage contracting for the design and fabrication of M1 system components by GMT partners and commercial vendors. This will involve defining work packages, identifying vendors and/or groups capable completing the work, generating statements of work and technical specifications, participating in contract bid/selection processes, monitoring contracted work through completion, and establishing acceptance procedures. The M1 Systems Lead will work closely with the GMT Coatings Lead to develop M1 reflective coatings, coating system requirements, interfaces, equipment, and processes for handling, cleaning, stripping, and deposition of high-performance reflective coatings for the M1 segments. Coating processes may include both evaporation and sputtering of aluminum and sputtering of multi-layer protected silver coatings. The M1 Systems Lead will be called upon to write programmatic and technical reports and make presentations in his/her area of responsibility at project reviews and conferences. Job Duties: The M1 Systems Lead will be responsible for: •Managing and overseeing GMT contracts with SOML for M1 segment optical fabrication and testing. •Managing GMT M1 system assembly, integration, testing, and commissioning (optics, support systems, thermal systems, control systems, etc.) at LCO. •Managing the packing and transportation of M1 segments from SOML to LCO, and storage at LCO. •Managing contracted opto-mechanical work with GMT partners and/or vendors. •Deriving and managing the M1 subsystem requirements from higher-level requirements and analyzing M1 system performance. •Participating in the procurement process for engineering services and subsystem fabrication, including identification of potential vendors and suppliers, preparation of technical specifications and statements of work, contract selection processes, and monitoring of contracted work. •Overseeing and coordinating the efforts of the GMT teams at other institutions working on the M1 systems. •Preparing M1 system assembly, integration, test, safety, and quality assurance plans. •Preparing technical reports to document the design and performance of the GMT M1 systems. •Preparing and delivering programmatic and technical presentations at reviews and conferences. The M1 Systems Lead will work closely with GMT group and subsystem leads to •Recruit additional members of the GMT team. •Develop and maintain work breakdown structures, cost estimates, budgets, and schedules. •Develop design requirements and interface specifications for M1 subsystems. Assist in the preparation of the relevant control documents. •Support the preparation of top-down and bottom-up system performance budgets. •Manage prototyping of critical system components and subsystems. •Coordinate GMT subsystem and system-wide integration and test plans.

Minimum Requirements: •An MSc degree in astronomy, physics, engineering, or equivalent technical discipline, with a relevant PhD degree strongly preferred. •15 years of experience with the design and construction of large opto-mechanical systems with at least half of that time associated with ground-based optical/infrared telescopes. •Willingness and ability to travel to foreign and domestic vendor, partner, and observatory locations during the fabrication phase, and to spend a substantial amount of time at the observatory site in Chile during the AIT and commissioning phases. Knowledge, Skills and Abilities •High-level, hands-on, expertise with optical/IR instruments and telescope optical systems. •Detailed knowledge and awareness of the current state of the art for production of large optical systems for astronomy. •Strong analytical ability with demonstrated written and oral communication skills in English. •Demonstrated leadership and management skills in large projects and/or international project collaborations.


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