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ClariPhy seeks a full-time experienced Senior Optical Systems Engineer for ClariPhy’s 100G, 200G, and 400G coherent optical communications solutions. In this role, you will develop experiments, simulations, and analytical methods for characterizing and optimizing system performance, leveraging your expertise in optical modulation and detection, fiber propagation, and digital signal processing techniques. Tools for doing the work include high speed communications test and measurement equipment, high speed multi-gigabit electronic and optical hardware, and modern test and automation software. You will create test scenarios based on a deep knowledge of high speed fiber optic transmission systems and a clear understanding of customer system requirements, and document your work so as to maintain clear requirements traceability. You will complement the experimental work with simulations and analysis for deepening the understanding of the experiments and results. Responsibilities will also include debugging issues found in the lab - with the transceiver chip, the evaluation board hardware and software, and the test and measurement equipment.

You will also work closely with the Applications Engineering team in a collaborative effort to solve tough customer issues. Working with a world class Systems Engineering team composed of communications and optical engineers, you will fully validate the system performance of ClariPhy’s mixed signal processing System on Chips (SOCs). By combining a passion for hands on experimental work and an enthusiasm for collaboration with ClariPhy’s chip designers and customers, you will develop a comprehensive understanding of the chip performance in deployed systems, so as to bring to market robust and reliable coherent optical communications products.
• The successful candidate will have a Ph.D. in Electrical Enginnering or Applied Physics and 5 to 15+ years’ experience in the optical communications industry, with demonstrated laboratory experience working with fiber optic systems and networks.

• Experience with advanced test equipment such as oscilloscopes, high data rate bit error rate testers, and a variety of optical test equipment.

• Experience in simulating and analyzing the communications performance of optical fiber systems, with a strong fundamental understanding of the impact of transmission effects on end to end performance, as quantified by metrics such as quality factor (Q-factor), and Optical Signal to Noise Ratio (OSNR) penalty.

• Experience working with multi-gigabit electronic circuits and practical experience in troubleshooting high speed circuit boards is desirable.

• Experience with requirements based testing and a systematic, disciplined approach to performance validation.

• Professional experience or coursework in digital communications theory.

• Strong communication and teamwork skills and an ability to work cross-functionally with design, applications, and customer teams.


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