Production-Process Engineer

Job Description
Group: Laser Diode
Description: The Production/Process Engineer's primary functions are within a clean room manufacturing environment, focusing on a variety of Thin-Film-Deposition production support, development; including documentation, experiment, and equipment responsibilities.

Duties: - Manufacturing work in a clean room environment.
- Hands-on process development
- Support experiments for improving processes or procedures such as yield, repeatability, and performance of tools and/or processes
- Documenting the manufacturing processes and procedures
- Understanding and participating in production equipment maintenance and troubleshooting

Qualifications: - Cleanroom experience
- Knowledge, experience with various thin film deposition techniques
- Knowledge of electromechanical, electro-optical and vacuum systems
- Testing background in the semiconductor or related field
- Experience in inspection
- Good communication, listening and collaboration skills
- Ability to work with manufacturing personnel and vendors
- Ability to work in a fast-paced, multi-task, team environment
- Attention to detail and an ability to absorb and assimilate information rapidly

- B.S., or higher degree in Electrical, Mechanical or Material Processing
- hands-on experience in a cleanroom environment


IPG Photonics Corporation

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