Reliability Test Engineer

Job Description
This engineer will be responsible for characterizing Thermally Assisted Magnetic Recording (TAMR) head designs. Responsibilities will include testing the performance and reliability of heads, identifying the failure modes and mechanisms, and improving TAMR head life time to meet product requirements. This position is expected, but not limited, to working hands-on with spin-stand testers, summarizing data in a statistically sound manner, designing experiments, carrying out testing, and conceiving and developing new characterization methods.
?Principle Duties and Responsibilities

?Design, develop, and execute characterization strategies and experiments.
?Perform statistical data analysis to draw conclusions from experiments.
?Conduct failure analysis of tested heads to understand the failure mechanism.
?Summarize the testing data and FA results, and prepare reports with recommendations.
?Exercise independent judgment in design feature, evaluation methods and conditions, and failure results.
?Maintain database of test results, and develop correlation between testers and test conditions.
?Develop new testing metrology and innovative failure analysis methods.

?Job Specification and Requirements*

?An MS in Material Science, Physics or a related Engineering discipline and at least 3 years of related experience in either the semiconductor or thin film head industry --OR-- a PhD with highly related coursework/research..
?A strong ability to work productively as a member of a team is essential for this position with ability to collaborate closely and effectively with other team members.
?Strong data analysis skills required, especially when dealing with large data scale and multi-correlation with head design features, and when offering solid suggestions based on data analysis.
?Familiarity with thin film analytical techniques: SEM, TEM, EDX, AFM, Profilometry, Ellipsometry.
?Knowledge of testing equipment such as oscilloscope, pulse generator, spectrum analyzer.
?Knowledge of statistical testing methods, statistical process control and design of experiments.
?Familiarity with software such as Matlab, LabView, Visual Basic, Comsol, jmp, Excel and macro.
?Strong verbal and written communication skills.
?Ability to work with minimal supervision.

?Work Schedule, Conditions and Physical Requirements ***

This is a day shift position, Monday through Friday. Regular work schedule may periodically be adjusted to meet company needs.
* Related duties as required are duties that may not be specifically listed in the classification specification or position description


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