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Tribogenics is commercializing a breakthrough technology that enables the world’s smallest and most affordable x-ray sources. This technology will revolutionize dozens of medical and security applications in a $20B market space. X-rays are generated by creating triboelectric (static) charge, which eliminates the need for costly and bulky high-voltage power supplies.

X-rays are a key diagnostic tool in medicine, but half the world’s population has little or no access to them. Tribogenics is building ultraportable, battery-operated imaging systems to address this massive market and provide transformative change to improve the lives of billions of people worldwide.

Tribogenics was founded in 2011 and currently employs scientists and engineers at a world-class R&D facility in Marina Del Rey, California. Our advisory board includes luminaries in business, scientific and medical fields. The company is venture-backed and recently closed a financing led by Peter Thiel's Founders Fund.

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Job Description

Tribogenics, the leading producer of x-ray sources based on static electricity (Triboelectricity), is seeking a Senior Electrical Engineer who will be responsible for developing the next generation of x-ray sources and associated electronics. The engineer will be responsible for designing new system including modeling, simulations, prototyping and releasing to manufacturing.


• Lead the technical direction in the development and/or enhancement of an innovative, miniaturized X-ray system architecture

• Observe, hypothesize, test and evaluate ideas and concepts in order to develop and document fundamental theories of operations

• Provide technical leadership and mentoring to a staff of Engineers and Scientists

• Work in conjunction with other senior engineers and scientist to drive platform level architectures and designs

• Bring the appropriate development tools into the R&D environment

• Become a knowledge expert

• Be forward looking into technologies and the business environment, and bring insights and recommendations to senior management


•Electrical engineering or equivalent


•10 years experience in research and development of high voltage electronics and x-ray sources

•Computer simulation of electric fields and charge migration

•Proven track record of inventions leading to revenue

•Proven experience managing and solving technical crises

•Experience through the entire product development cycle (inventing, prototyping, engineering, manufacturing, distribution and service)

•Project Leadership with an emphasis on cross-functional team development

•Ability to multi-task on several mission-critical concurrent projects

•Excellent communicator (written and presentation)


•Knowledge of triboelectric charging and discharging processes

•Knowledge of operating electronics in a vacuum


Tribogenics, Inc

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