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Job Description

This Sr. Integration engineer position will be very hands-on in all aspects of technology development, including design rule definition, device design, test chip design, process module and flow integration, experimental split and DOE design, DOE lot/process implementation and monitoring, inline data monitoring, statistical data analysis and decision making based on data/analysis, and technology qualification. Therefore, solid device physics and understanding, TCAD device and process simulations, process module development (Photo, Thin films, Etch, Diffusion, CMP) and manufacturing experiences, process integration exercise in mixed-signal and power technologies are all key for the position. This position will work closely with device/process module engineers/manufacturing engineers and fab personnel on the developmental projects, essential to aggressively push and deliver speedy lot cycle time and developmental cycle time. Additionally, support Process Engineering and Yield Engineering groups to improve process quality and yield of technologies released to manufacturing. Take on challenges and deliver.


Fairchild Semiconductor

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