Senior Mechanical Engineer

Job Description
Senior Mechanical Engineer: Chassis, Enclosures & Thermal Design
A BSME or MSME and SolidWorks and Flow Simulator proficiency are REQUIRED for this position - other candidates will not be considered

Please detail your skills match to the job requirements and include your citizenship status in your cover letter.

Job Summary
Responsible for the design of convection and conduction cooled chassis, enclosures and card cages with a high commitment to meeting schedule, cost, and performance targets while maintaining the highest quality standards.
•Collaborate effectively with electrical and mechanical design team members
•work directly with senior and junior level technicians, doc control, manufacturing, procurement, and sales personnel
•Interact directly with customers.

This is a small company so the successful candidate must be flexible with job requirements and be a team player.

This position requires a lot of direct interaction with customers. Excellent written and verbal communications skills, strong organizational skills, and a positive attitude are required.

Scope of Duties / Job Description:
•This job is a full-time and on-site position
•Develop concept drawings or 2D or 3D models
•Design to meet customer mechanical, vibration, stress, and thermal specifications
•Design of components to meet design specifications, including materials and finishes
•Perform thermal analysis
•Perform mechanical tolerance analysis
•Select components to meet design specifications, including hardware and fans
•Participate in design reviews
•Design for manufacturability (DFM)
•Create full documentation package for fabrication and assembly
•Write purchase specifications where required
•Work with production personnel during assembly
•Perform design validation and characterization
•Work directly with suppliers to develop designs and ensure parts quality
•Perform first article inspection to ensure parts are properly manufactured and to train incoming inspection personnel.
•Ensure products are designed, produced and documented in line with established methodology, standards and procedures
•Abide by established procedures and best practices for developing high quality designs and products which conform to customer and company quality standards
•Maintain SolidWorks and Flow Simulator proficiency
•Keep current on information and technology affecting functional areas to increase innovation and ensure quality
•Maintain good communication to management on project status and issues
•Be flexible with job requirements and be a team player
•Work effectively with team members, exhibit a professional manner in dealing with others, and maintain constructive working relationships
•Perform miscellaneous duties and projects as assigned and required.

Required Qualifications:
•BS or MS in Mechanical Engineering
•Knowledge of the engineering principles of heat transfer and cooling of electronic components, particularly using forced air convection of air and conduction cooled plates
•5+ years experience in SolidWorks and Flow Simulator is required - please elaborate in your cover letter
•In-depth design experience with sheet metal, extrusion, metal stamping, die-casting, metal injection molding, and soft/hard tooling
•Self motivated with the ability to be adaptable to manage competing priorities and deal with unexpected events
•Must be able to work on many different projects at one time and be results-oriented
•Demonstrated critical thinking, analytic skills and problem solving
•Strong, positive interpersonal skills
•Must be accurate, detail-oriented, and organized

•Thermal testing including thermometry, proper methods for instrumentation of electronics for temperature and airflow measurement
•Experience with composite materials
•Experience with liquid cooling
•Understanding of EMC and design considerations
•Proficiency in AutoCAD

Dawn VME Products is a premier privately-held manufacturer of embedded packaging solutions. Founded in 1985, Dawn is the industry leader in the design and manufacture of products based on the VITATM and PICMG® architectures.
Dawn's headquarters is a state-of-the-art, 42,000 square foot facility located in Fremont, California, in the heart of the Silicon Valley. Dawn's product line features power supplies, high-performance backplanes and powered enclosures in addition to multi-function accessories, sub-racks and card cages.
Dawn's engineering and manufacturing capabilities allow the company to offer both standard and custom products into the commercial, military, medical, telecom, and research markets.
Dawn VME Products recognizes that the success of any technical product is the foundation from which it is engineered. Dawn invests heavily in R & D, the results of which are a continuous stream of new and improved products.
Dawn is proud to be a Service-disabled Veteran Owned Small Business and an equal opportunity workplace and is an affirmative action employer


Dawn VME Products

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