Senior Mechanical Engineer

Job Description
Job Description

Define, plan, and implement the development of new products and manufacturing techniques in response to needs, specifications, and objectives established by the corporate and development organization.
Design all mechanical aspects of new product projects including housings, plastic mold design, die casting mold design, metal stamping dies, materials analysis, pneumatics, and hydraulics, diaphragms, with high geometric tolerance and dimension requirements.

Job Responsibilities

Development Engineering
1. Demonstrates broad based proficiency and specialized expertise in technical and professional areas including housings, plastic mold design, die casting mold design, metal stamping dies, materials analysis, pneumatics, and hydraulics, diaphragms, with high tolerance and dimension requirements. Is able to apply these skills to successful completion of tasks or assignments with little or no supervision.
2. Demonstrates proficiency in the properties, application and limitations of various materials such as steel, brass, aluminum, elastomers, silicones, thermoset and thermoform plastics.
3. Proficient in the engineering process and how all aspects of product development and the product life cycle relate.
4. Manages and maintains product requirements and specifications throughout the Product development process.
5. Works with other engineers, drafters, model makers and technicians in a leadership role to attain project objectives.
6. Proficient in the product configuration process by creating drawings, prints, bills of materials, or other documentation. Leads the establishment of the product baseline and maintenance of this baseline through the generation and approval of ECR’s and other related documentation.
7. Expresses design ideas, processes and specifications in diagrammatic form as documents, drawings, prints or Assemblies. Fully understands the representations and conventions used in these drawings.
8. Draft, detail and edit data sheets, operations manuals and user manuals.
9. Understands urgency and drives projects to completion in order to accelerate product time-to-market.
Product Planning
1. Using engineering principles, propose novel design and technology approaches for new products, product families and product line extensions.
2. Work with sales, management and customers to establish product requirements and specifications.
3. Applies technical principles and reverse engineering to evaluate competitor products, performance, strength and weaknesses.
Project Planning
1. Plans, estimates and provides status for the execution of a development project that successfully implements specified products. Will lead and manage the execution of the project plan to successfully attain the project objectives.
2. Applies cross-discipline experience and technical knowledge and works with other engineers and groups to define and evaluate product conceptual designs.
3. Identifies the resources (personnel, time, tooling, etc.) required to bring a product from market needs to full sales release.
4. Identifies, estimates and works with Vendors to estimate development costs and tooling requirements.
5. Works with Purchasing, Manufacturing Engineering and Vendors to identify optimal component and assembly processes for products.
Design Implementation
1. Proficiency with technical tools such as test equipment, computers and related software. Able to effectively use software productivity tools (word processors,

Job Requirements

Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience in Mechanical Engineering or relevant field of engineering. Broad knowledge of technology, principles, and general practice associated with engineering. Must be capable of planning and successfully executing assigned tasks with little supervision.


Dwyer Instruments, Inc

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